Los Angeles County West Vector & Vector-Borne Disease Control District



Annual Independent Auditorís Report

The annual independent auditorís report consists of a series of financial statements. The Statement of Net Position and the Statement of Activities provide information about the activities and performance of the District using accounting methods similar to those used by private sector companies. The Statement of Net Position includes all of the Districtís investments in resources (assets) and the obligations to creditors (liabilities). It also provides the basis for computing a rate of return, evaluating the capital structure of the District and assessing the liquidity and financial flexibility of the District. All of the current yearís revenue and expenses are accounted for in the Statement of Activities. This statement measures the Districtís operations over the past year and can be used to determine the Districtís net operating reserves and credit worthiness.

2017 Independent Auditorsí Report


District Budget

The Board of Trustees reviews a preliminary budget and then approves a final budget each year prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year. The Board conducts a public hearing prior to adoption of the final budget.

2018-2019 Approved District Budget