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Honeybee Crossword

Print out this page and solve the puzzle!

3. The structure of a bee hive made up of thousands of wax cells
5. The second stage in the bee life cycle
8. Someone who takes care of bee hives
10. Worker bees collect this and nectar from flowers
11. Part of a colony of bees flying off to find a new home
14. This is the first stage in the bee life cycle
15. The male bees in the hive
16. This is the name for the home of a colony of bees
1. The section of the body where the legs and wings are attached
2. The section of the body where the stomach and the stinger are located
4. Bees produce this from glands in their abdomen and use it to build the comb
6. This is what the bee releases through its stinger
7. Made of sap from plants, bees use this to seal up cracks in the hive
9. The third stage of the bee life cycle just before they become an adult
12. Bees have two sets of these and they use them for flight
13. Bees use nectar to make this sweet food that people like to eat